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DENTOFACES cosmetic clinic is located in Dubai sheikh Zayed road where a group of experts and specialists are hired who strive to serve you the most suitable and proper dental treatment . Here a wide range of Dental and cosmetic Services and procedures from the simplest to the most complicated ones are covered , using the most advanced, innovative technologies and digital dentistry from diagnosis to the follow up, like CAD/CAM, Digital Oral Scanners, Green CBCT and OPG with the lowest radiation and a lot more to make sure that the best treatment will be done for you with the most comfort.

CAD/CAM Inlay, onlay

Computers now are an inseparable part of every body’s life, so us and Dentistry, Computer Aided design/ computer aided manufacturing is a field of dentistry and prosthodontics to improve The design and creation of the restorations , especially dental prosthesis like crowns, inlays and onlays , veneers dental implants and etc . Inlays/onlays are digitally made dental fillings from porcelain or zirconium to cover a small part or most of the tooth to make the natural shape and restore esthetic and function. At Dentofaces Digital intra oral scanners are used for a completely comfortable impression taking procedure and then your scanned datas transfer to computer to make you’re filling right away.
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Gum recontouring

Periodontal surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery

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