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Skin Treatments

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Different diseases have different kinds of treatments, depending on what causes them. Therefore, there is no uniform treatment that works on every single skin disease and only consulting with a doctor can tell you the treatment that is the most apt for you. at DentoFaces we will decide if you are a candidate for the particular surgery or special skin treatment for each case.
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Skin Conditions Treatments


skin condition with high prevalence between adults. The pimples can be from non- inflammatory black and white headed comedones to very large and painful nodules and cysts. Treatment is very necessary and our dermatologist will prescribe even topical or oral medications after examination of your skin.


Freckles, lentigles and melasma are common hyperpigmentation conditions. Accurate diagnosis and best treatment plan is a must. treatment consist of bleaching creams, mesoneedling, peels and some laser, but patienr restrict to long-term plan as it takes a long time to see the improvement.

Hair loss

Hair loss is a very common problem specially after surgery, diet, infections, weight loss and stress. It can be occurred because of genetic susceptibility and sexual hormones. Besides medical treatments we have mesotherapy, hair filler and PRF (new PRP) injection.


experience, dry, inflamed and red scaly skin on your body, commonly on back of hands or legs . very common skin problem and it can be long lasting condition with many episodes of recurrence. Besides the treatments that can be topical or systemic


collection of melanocytes. Melanocytes are producing cells. Melanin is a pigment which gives skin its color. Your dermatologist will examine your moles and instances he will perform skin biopsy.can be removed for cosmetic reason or when interfere with normal life.


abnormal tissue which can be happen after any injury such as skin burn, surgery or after healing some skin problems like acne or chicken pox. Scars are divided into two categories: depressed (atrophic) or elevated (hypertrophic) type. There are lots of treatments


Cryo or freezing is a simple procedure done by liquid nitrogen to destruct benign lesion like warts, moles, skin tags and etc. we use liquid nitrogen by cotton swap or cryo spray precisely on the lesion for two freezing and thawing cycle.

RF Electro Surgery

vary small tiny moles and some adnexal tumors that can be treated by RF device. After using topical or injecting anesthesia, we use the device with a vey sharp and tiny tip which deliver RF energy (Radio Frequency) to the lesion.

Skin biopsy

Procedure To conclude a definite diagnosis of some skin problems, your dermatologist may perform skin biopsy. It can be done by small punches or blades.

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