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Remarkable alternative to surgical skin rejuvenating

Endolift is an innovative technique to stimulate deep tissue in order to produce new collagen, to prevent of sagging in the skin and performing firmness.

Other advantages are:

  • Quick lifting of the skin
  • Reshape of facial contour, neck and arm
  • Re activation of collagen synthesis

Then we can easily see:

  • Melting of stored fat
  • Immediate firmness of skin
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Low cost
  • Minimal invasive face, neck, eyelid lift.

Key Treatments for Endolift invasion


What to expect after Endolift surgery

Potential side effects from a Endolift procedure include: swelling and uneven skin for approximately two to three weeks following treatment, some minor bruising and swelling and some minor redness and sensitivity in the area which can generally be controlled using over the counter pain medication and will typically disappear within a day or two. You may experience soreness and tenderness immediately post-procedure, but will usually be able to leave the clinic within a few hours following treatment, provided that you have tolerated the anaesthetic well. You will normally still need assistance in getting home from a friend or family member as driving will not be possible and walking may be uncomfortable.
The treatment offers the benefits of a surgical facelift but with no scalpels and no scarring. Endolift® is the result of advanced technological and medical research focused on how to get the results of a surgical lifting procedure but avoiding the downsides associated with traditional surgery such as longer recovery time, a higher rate of surgical issues and invariably higher prices.

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